Gender in World History

Gender in World History

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Title:Gender in World History
Author:Peter N. Stearns
Edition language:English
Number of Pages:222 pages
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Covering societies from classical times to the twenty-first century, Gender in World History is a fascinating exploration of what happens to established ideas about men, women, and gender roles when different cultural systems come into contact. The book breaks new ground to facilitate a consistent approach to gender in a world history context.

Now in its third edition, the book has been thoroughly updated, including:

    • expanded treatment of Africa under Islamic influence
    • expanded discussion of southeast Asia
    • a new chapter on contemporary Latin America
    • representations of individual women
    • engagement with recent work on gender history and theory.

With truly global coverage, this book enables students to understand how gender roles have varied across the world and over time, and the vital role of gender in structuring social and political relationships. Providing a succinct, current overview of the history of gender throughout the world, Gender in World History remains essential reading for students of world history.

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