Solo Leveling

나 혼자만 레벨업
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Ten years ago, "the Gate" appeared and connected the real world with the realm of magic and monsters. To combat these vile beasts, ordinary people received superhuman powers and became known as "Hunters." Twenty-year-old Sung Jin-Woo is one such Hunter, but he is known as the "World's Weakest," owing to his pathetic power compared to even a measly E-Rank. Still, he hunts monsters tirelessly in low-rank Gates to pay for his mother's medical bills. However, this miserable lifestyle changes when Jin-Woo—believing himself to be the only one left to die in a mission gone terribly wrong—awakens in a hospital three days later to find a mysterious screen floating in front of him. This "Quest Log" demands that Jin-Woo completes an unrealistic and intense training program, or face an appropriate penalty. Initially reluctant to comply because of the quest's rigor, Jin-Woo soon finds that it may just transform him into one of the world's most fearsome Hunters. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • Type: Manhwa
  • Author: ChugongJang, Sung-rak
  • Date aired: Mar 4, 2018 to Dec 29, 2021
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy,
  • Scores: 203522
  • Rating: 8.72
  • Volume:
  • Chapter:
  • Views: 34980
BTDarklings - 2019-09-26

This isn't your typical "MC becomes crazy OP" story where the OP MC becomes absolutely boring af. This story is a fucking masterpiece. You may be skep.....

Hypokrites - 2022-01-18

The manhwa community entitles Solo Leveling along the lines of "Not like the other manhwas" or "Not your typical power fantasy." And although I respec.....

Tanooshii - 2019-10-01

Every. Damn. Time. I don't understand why this superficial manhwa is so hyped Solo Leveling tells the story of a mary sue named Sung Jin-Woo who tries.....

we4btr4sh - 2019-09-27

Solo leveling is a super fun read, where the MC is pretty much op but it never ceases to be entertaining. The story flows well and is a straightup an .....

Raito - 2019-09-26

Solo Leveling does everything it tries to do goddamn right. You may think the setting has been done a million times and it's just another generic over.....

moozooh - 2022-01-25

Solo Leveling is the literary equivalent of an 8 year old playing make-believe with plastic toys. I can tell because I used to be one. It goes like th.....

Avicebrons - 2020-02-15

WARNING! THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS! Solo Leveling is a manhwa that always baffles me whenever I hear someone talk about it. They usually lik.....

Magicfist - 2019-11-13

"Solo Leveling", what seemed like an underdog story has really left me disappointed. At first glance, the whole reason I started was to expect him to .....

chicken521 - 2020-01-18

(Note: This review contains some spoilers, but I doubt spoilers will ruin your potential enjoyment with this manhwa. Also, despite my rating, this man.....

Yura3773 - 2020-05-19

Oh no, where do I fucking begin. Despite what many of the manwha legion will claim, this story is not one that is good and has no real meaning that le.....

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