Shingeki no Kyojin

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Hundreds of years ago, horrifying creatures which resembled humans appeared. These mindless, towering giants, called "Titans," proved to be an existential threat, as they preyed on whatever humans they could find in order to satisfy a seemingly unending appetite. Unable to effectively combat the Titans, mankind was forced to barricade themselves within large walls surrounding what may very well be humanity's last safe haven in the world. In the present day, life within the walls has finally found peace, since the residents have not dealt with Titans for many years. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert are three young children who dream of experiencing all that the world has to offer, having grown up hearing stories of the wonders beyond the walls. But when the state of tranquility is suddenly shattered by the attack of a massive 60-meter Titan, they quickly learn just how cruel the world can be. On that day, Eren makes a promise to himself that he will do whatever it takes to eradicate every single Titan off the face of the Earth, with the hope that one day, humanity will once again be able to live outside the walls without fear. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  • Type: Manga
  • Author: Isayama, Hajime
  • Date aired: Sep 9, 2009 to Apr 9, 2021
  • Status: Finished
  • Genre:Action, Award Winning, Drama,
  • Scores: 360038
  • Rating: 8.57
  • Volume: 34
  • Chapter: 141
  • Views: 66785
vetmi - 2021-04-08

*This review contains spoilers* Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello. My name is Hajime Isayama and today I'll teach you how to write manga. I must begin by sa.....

PraiseTheSun123 - 2021-04-08

Attack of Titan is the prime example of how a story –no matter how good it is– can get completely and absolutely ruined in an amount of just a few.....

RPWPA - 2021-04-08

---The review contains plot spoilers--- "Bruh" - Everyone that read the final chapter of AOT. Despite the underwhelming (or I could even say horrible).....

awesome5 - 2021-04-06

--The review contains spoilers-- I had to completely redo my review, and went from the score of 1 to 10. I've actually reread the entire manga in a si.....

Twumi - 2021-04-08

***THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Attack on Titan has always been my motivation, my first anime, it changed the way I thought and gave me a new goal.....

Tumerking - 2011-08-15

I was unsure if I would ever find another manga good enough to deserve my reviewing. And after reading volume six of Shingeki no Kyojin I can safely s.....

keragamming - 2015-03-17

Shingeki no kyojin otherwise known as Attack on Titan. This series before the anime wasn't popular in the west, but it was fairly popular in Japan bei.....

KeyMovingForward - 2021-04-08

If you think this isn’t an incredible work of storytelling, you are kidding yourself. Take a step back. Think about something for a moment... what i.....

literaturenerd - 2021-05-02

***THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS*** I finally finished this manga and now I just need catharsis. I'm an older anime fan, so I remember just how huge A.....

Gyro_Mozzarella - 2021-04-07

Want to learn on how to make an amazing main character, an amazing manga and just absolutely shit on it all right at the end? Read Attack on Titan, th.....

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